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Matt Cole

Friday Nights – 7 PM – 11 PM Get your Friday nights goin’ with Matt Cole! Catch him Friday nights on Cat Country from 7pm-11pm. Matt Cole is a Rhode Island native and enjoys listening to all types of music! Matt Cole is known to be a bit of a free spirit. At any given…Continue Reading

Greg Bedard – Midday Host

Midday Host – 12 PM – 3 PM Greg Bedard is the mid-day host on Cat Country.  Although he has an engineering degree and absolutely zero musical talent, he’s always loved music.  He started his mobile DJ business in 8th grade but his mom will tell you that he had a Fisher-Price record player in the…Continue Reading

Zach Wilder

Everybody has always said I was born to be a DJ. Probably because I’ve been spinning records and adoring music longer than I’ve been able to walk. There’s not a silent second of my life; music, music facts, and music memorabilia fill every nook and cranny of my house, and I’m so excited to be…Continue Reading

Brendan Sharp

  Brendan’s a lifelong Massachusetts resident, and he’s super-excited to be the newest addition to the Cat Country air staff.  He grew up in Freetown, he lives in Taunton, and he’s been a DJ for just about his entire life – in roller rinks, at nightclubs, and at weddings and parties throughout Southern New England.…Continue Reading

Jake The Cat

Jake The Cat joined the Cat Country crew in 2010 and has been the station’s mascot ever since! Jake can be found at almost every Cat Country event dancing to the beat! If you run into Jake at an event, just remember that he L O V E S hugs, high-fives, fist bumps and dancing!…Continue Reading

Courtney Kelley

Courtney co-hosts Cat Country Mornings and she just loves meeting the fans while out at events with Jake and the crew! Courtney is a native Rhode Islander and although ran away to New York City and Los Angeles for a spell, she found her way back to this fair state! Courtney is a person who has…Continue Reading

Kevin Lawrence – Program Director

Kevin Lawrence is the guy who handles everything! Not only is he Cat Country’s Program Director, he handles that ever-important time of the day when the workday is ending … and it’s time to hit the highway! Decades of experience in the radio industry, Kevin is a true seasoned professional. Born and raised in our…Continue Reading