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Brendan’s a lifelong Massachusetts resident, and he’s super-excited to be the newest addition to the Cat Country air staff.  He grew up in Freetown, he lives in Taunton, and he’s been a DJ for just about his entire life – in roller rinks, at nightclubs, and at weddings and parties throughout Southern New England. He can also play the piano by ear  – any song you want!

20 Fun Facts about Brendan:

– His favorite food is pizza – he keeps a supply of Lou Malnati’s deep-dish from Chicago in his freezer at all times.

– He hates needles, but gives blood every 8 weeks.

– His favorite show is “Ozark”… come on, season 4!

– His favorite movie is “Empire Records”.

– OMG Coffee.  It’s a necessity.

– Brendan worked at a roller rink for 6+ years and still doesn’t know how to skate.

– His favorite number is 5.

– Brendan won a back-to-school rap contest in 1987 at the Dartmouth Mall.  First prize = $100.

– He remembers everything about everyone.  It’s kind of scary.

– He once got stuck inside the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disney World. 10 minutes stopped in front of mechanical figures singing in a foreign language will change your life forever.

– His favorite country song is “Stay A Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne

– He’s a night owl.  Sleep is for the weak!

– His favorite sport is baseball.  Go Sox!

– Brendan’s closet contains at least 10 pairs of Adidas.  The navy blue with white stripes are his favorite.

– He’s never been in a fist fight.  (Coming up with 20 facts is hard)!

– His favorite place to visit is New York City.

– Brendan loves live music and concerts.  Some of his favorite shows: Prince, Billy Joel, Sting, Jamie Cullum, N’Sync and Roxette.

– He has a recurring dream where he’s still in school but hasn’t been to class in months. He can’t find his way to the classroom and has no idea what day or period it is, but he’s hoping that nobody will notice and he’ll somehow pass the class.

– Brendan loves being near the ocean and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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