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Greg Bedard is the mid-day host on Cat Country.  Although he has an engineering degree and absolutely zero musical talent, he’s always loved music.  He started his mobile DJ business in 8th grade but his mom will tell you that he had a Fisher-Price record player in the closet when he was 4 years old and called it his studio. He had a little ‘on-air’ sign and everything. Remember when you could get 12 records for a penny? He was totally involved with that. It has simply always been a part of who he is. 

Growing up and living in central Massachusetts, Greg has been on the air for real since 2006.  

Greg and his wife have two kids.  He is easily distracted and generally, as multiple projects going on at once.  His hobbies include fixing and modifying import turbo cars along with welding, carpentry, motorcycles, auto body, and fixing broken things.  When he’s not on the air or at a wedding, you can find him at New England Dragway during the summer doing some street night drag racing or during the winter, at Wachusett Mountain (and many others) skiing with his daughter.  He also enjoys running and is always interested in songs that people have on their playlists when they run. 

Along with being a radio DJ, Greg is also a mobile wedding DJ, travelling all over New England to celebrate.  Music and love are the two best things in life and he’s fortunate to make a career out of them.  When you love what you do, it’s not a job.

Some things about me. 

My favorite smell is nothing.  Nothing should smell like anything, I don’t like scented things.  Especially lavender.

My favorite pizza is Hawaiian.  Want to have a heated discussion about it?

I don’t untie my shoes when taking them off.  My shoes don’t even have laces.  No time for that.

My favorite ice cream is almost any flavor that doesn’t involve fruit.  I have a very small amount of ice cream almost every night while watching Jeopardy.  Vanilla, mint chocolate chip, coffee, whatever.  I usually put chocolate sauce on it, too.

Prefer jeans or shorts? Jeans even when it’s 100 degrees.  I don’t want to see legs.

My favorite country song is Springsteen by Eric Church.  “If I bumped into you by happenstance, you probably wouldn’t even know who I am, but if I whispered your name, I bet there’d still be a spark”  So Great

My favorite TV is whatever is on.  I like TV at the end of the day and will watch just about anything.  

My favorite food is donuts, pizza, cheese, chocolate, and anything bad for me.  I keep my diet fairly strict but the binges are out of control.

My favorite beverage is Cumby’s coffee, iced when it’s warm, hot when it’s cold.  When I make the seasonal switch, I can’t go back until the next season.

I am a night owl. 10am to 2am is my preferred Awake Time but spent years waking up at 4am for a while.

My favorite season is fall.  I love the changing of the seasons and Winter Preparation.

I am not good at or watch sports.  I wish I liked them.  People seem to enjoy them.

My favorite place to get away to is my house.  

My dream vacation is also being able to stay at my house for a solid week and not have to leave.

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