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MEREDITH – New Year’s Resolution Update

Resolution Check-In Now that we’re officially into February, I’ve been seeing a lot of folks posting updates on how their New Years Resolutions are going. So I thought I would take a swing at it. For 2016, I wanted to: a.) Be healthy (I know, very original) b.) Have lots of fun c.) Remember to…Continue Reading

MEREDITH – Barbie Re-Boot

Barbie made a big announcement this week! As part of the whole “Evolution of Barbie” and #YouCanBeAnything campaigns that the company has been running, they have revealed new Barbies with different hair styles, body shapes, heights, etc. This re-boot is to show the young girls who like to play with the famous dolls that no…Continue Reading

MEREDITH – C’mon Taylor: Let Me Have This ONE Thing!

The other day I was cruising through my social media pages (because that’s what us Millenials like to do 🙂 ) and I decided that my Instagram needed a big of a refresher.  I don’t use it often, but maybe I should ease my way into using it more.  My first thought was to change…Continue Reading

MEREDITH – Dan + Shay + Grit = Property Brothers

New country artists are being discovered all the time thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  But it’s certainly not every day a new country act is discovered as a result of having a hit tv show on HGTV.  That’s right – The Property Brothers are officially Nashville recording artists! They introduced their talents as a…Continue Reading

MEREDITH – Do Your Job

I Feel so badly for Danny Amendola and Chandler Jones Danny Amendola and Chandler Jones have been making some headlines in past couple of weeks and not for the best reasons: Danny’s College Hill neighbors don’t like his car port and Chandler made some questionable  decisions and had a little bit of a run in…Continue Reading