MEREDITH – Do Your Job

I Feel so badly for Danny Amendola and Chandler Jones
Danny Amendola and Chandler Jones have been making some headlines in past couple of weeks and not for the best reasons: Danny’s College Hill neighbors don’t like his car port and Chandler made some questionable  decisions and had a little bit of a run in with the law (kinda).  Honestly, I feel so badly for them. They’re being scrutinized left and right by locals and Pats fans alike, but more imporantly, the News Media keeps posting pictures of where they live! We’re talking pictures and detailed descriptions on every single newscast, article, tweet, etc.  They’re even broadcasting from in front of their homes! And as a result of that, fans have been seeking out their homes and camping out infront of them with hopes of catching a glipmse of our football stars.  Ridiculous!  I think it’s about time we try to forget we all know where they live so they can enjoy some peace and quiet, rest up and be ready to win #5 for us in February.
#DoYourJob   #CATITUDE