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Maddie’s Match Game (EP 02)

On this week’s episode of Match Game Monday, we once again try to answer the question: How Well Do Chris and Preston from LoCash Know Each Other? This week: Who would be more likely to make the Cat Country All-Star Softball Team?ch Watch Episode Two HEREContinue Reading

Stars With Guitars 2017 Grand Finale

How big was 2017’s Stars With Guitars? New England’s largest guitar-pull just keeps getting better! The grand finale of LoCash’s “I Love This Life” was one for the ages! Watch The Stars With Guitars Grand Finale HEREContinue Reading

Maddie’s Match Game (EP 01)

We start every week off with “Match Game Monday” hosted by your night-time host, Maddie. Each week, she will dive into the burning question of how well do Preston and Chris from LoCash knew each other? This week, she asks each: “Between The Two Of You: Who Would Have Been Voted Most Likely To Succeed…Continue Reading