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Now It’s Officially Spring!

(Providence, RI) Cat Country 98.1 Morning Show host Brian Mulhern has officially shunned shoes for the next 6 months or so. His official switch-over to flip-flops was carried live this morning coast-to-coast on the internet. Watch this breaking news HERE If you don’t remember last fall’s switch from shoes to flip-flips, re-visit it HEREContinue Reading

BRIAN – The Streak

28 in a row. Wow. Such an impressive run. Wait, I’m sorry — this wasn’t meant to be about Jackie Bradley Jr. I was referring to my consecutive streak of subpar morning shows.Continue Reading

BRIAN – Red Carpet

Watching celebrities arrive during the pre-“Oscars” broadcast, and I’m already offended by the very clear bias in relation to color. #carpettooredContinue Reading

BRIAN – Red Carpet Time

Watching celebrities arrive during the pre-“Oscars” broadcast, and I’m already offended by the very clear bias in relation to color. #carpettooredContinue Reading