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AMANDA – Super Day Not To Get Married

Fun Fact: There are fewer weddings in the United States on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. Not surprised to hear this! When planning my 2015 wedding, we had to do it around the Patriots’ schedule, per my now husband.Continue Reading

AMANDA – School Daze

I’ve always found it interesting as to why some school districts cancel school the night before an impending snow storm. Why not wait til the morning? What is the rush? Don’t get me wrong, school-aged Mandy would certainly be encouraging this!Continue Reading

AMANDA – It’s A Barefoot Bluejean Night

Did you know that the tiny front pocket on your jeans actually has a purpose? It was originally put there to store your watch. Back in the 1800s, cowboys wore their watches on chains and stuck them in those little pockets. Levis Strauss said it has since taken on a variety of functions (i.e. the…Continue Reading

AMANDA – Doctor’s Orders

When a doctor tells you to fast for blood work, that means you should not eat or drink anything (except for water). And yes, that includes not eating any type of mint or Lifesaver. Lesson learned.Continue Reading