Amanda Leonardo

Amanda - sittingI was born and raised in Providence, RI and attended undergraduate school at the University of Rhode Island for communication studies. I have that typical “Rhode Islander mentality” — if I can’t drive to my destination in less than 45 minutes, then I’m most likely not going.

After changing college majors three times, I decided that the field of communications was the right choice for me.  It was either that or veterinary medicine, but my fear of needles really helped to rule that option out.  My parents still wish I chose the latter. 😉

My internship at Cat Country 98.1 led to a position as producer of the morning show in 2008, which in turn led to a co-hosting position in 2010. I am both proud and humbled to be a part of the morning show and feel very fortunate to be working along side the very talented (and sometimes cranky), Brian Mulhern.

I am a huge fan of reality television and all things wedding-related. I am recently engaged to my fiancé Matt, who can usually be found watching a football game any day of the week.

Other interests include skiing, swimming, dancing and listening to music.

I love to travel and some of my favorite destinations include Disney World, Las Vegas and Nashville.  I truly enjoy living life to the fullest and making memories with family and friends.