Meredith Thompson

MeredithMeredith Thompson is your office buddy during the workday. The only thing that could pull this Massachusetts girl away from Mansfield was the allure of the University of Vermont where she earned her degree in English and Sociology. She also caught the radio-bug in Burlington and joined Cat Country upon her return to Mansfield in 2014. Meredith’s first day on the gig: She had to interview Rascal Flatts … no pressure Mer! Meredith enjoys hiking; dancing; skiing; yoga-ing; watching a movie channel; reading; and trying to figure out which curly hair product really is the best. A bad hair day is not acceptable!

20 Fun Facts About Meredith:

My favorite smell is freshly baked cookies.

The last time I cried was last night – Safe Haven was on.

My favorite pizza is cheese pizza.

I don’t untie my shoes before I take them off.

The local place out-of-towners should visit is The Hill.

My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Oat of this World or Save Our Swirled – depends on my mood.

I prefer jeans over shorts.

My current favorite Country song is Midland’s Make A Little.

My favorite TV show is Friday Night Lights.

Tattoos? None for me!

My favorite food is anything spicy.

My favorite beverage is coffee while at work. After work? Craft beer :).

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

I’m somewhere in between night owl and morning glory.

My favorite season is Fall.

My favorite sport is football.

My favorite place to get away is wherever my friends are!

My dream vacation is Austria.

My biggest regret is never getting my nose pierced.

My favorite Cat Country moment has been all of them!