Courtney Kelley

Courtney is the voice of middays!


20 Fun Facts About Courtney

My favorite smell is chocolate chip cookies out of the oven.

The last time I cried was out of surprise when my husband actually gave me the remote for once. It was quite a big moment!

My favorite pizza is mushroom & olive…yum!

I (do/don’t) untie my shoes when taking them off. Hmmm about 50/50

The local place out-of-towners should visit is the Washington County Fair especially for the truck pulls,  Cora’s County Cork for drinks, Iggy’s!

My favorite ice cream is coffee with jimmies but then I tried Ben and Jerry’s with the brownie core…to die for!

I prefer jeans or shorts? Mostly jeans but if I go with shorts they are jean shorts. The overall jean shorts are even better!

My favorite country song is currently Whiskey Glasses but overall, My Wish for You always makes me smile.

My favorite TV show is “This is Us”

Tattoos? None but I like them on others.

My favorite food is probably pizza but I love a good lobsta roll.

My favorite beverage is small iced decaf, French vanilla with cream and one splenda. Dunkin’s run anyone?

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving or the 4th of July…toss up.

I am definitely a morning glory over night owl…annoyingly cheerful in the morning, too.

My favorite season is summer!!!

My favorite sport is well, I am not big into sports but it really cracks me up that they have Cornhole on ESPN. I think I may have watched too much of it.

My favorite place to get away is the beach…any beach is fine with me. So glad I live in Little Rhody.

My dream vacation is going to the Greek Islands.

My biggest regret is …Not living bold enough. Sometimes letting fear make too many decisions in my life.

My favorite Cat Country moment: I have had so many! Fun concerts, the Snowball, starting mid-days, meeting Luke Bryan…wait, that last one hasn’t happened yet but maybe the best is yet to come!